40 X 60 Clear Top Frame Tent

with ceiling draping and draped legs

​Location: Shangri La, Bonita Springs

40 X 40 White Top Frame Tent with Window Side panels

​Location: Punta Gorda, Cypress M Ranch


​Location: Fort Myers, Business

40 X 120 White Top Frame Tent 

​Location: Sanibel Island on Causeway

40 X 40 Clear Top Frame Tent with Clear Side panels (in back)

​Location: NJOY Distillary, Weekee Watchee

40 X 80 White Top Frame Tent 

​Location: Sanibel Island, Sanibel Moorings

Tent Sizes Available

 20 feet wide OR 40 feet Wide

 Tent Tips

1) Measure your space , Make sure you have at least 5 foot clearance on all sides so the tent can be secured.

2) Make sure you know what is underground- Water or electrical lines need to be marked properly to ensure safety.


White Top Frame Tents

Clear Top Frame Tents